Financial Executives of the Year


CFO of the Year

2019 Nomination Submission Guidelines

All nominations are confidential. The nomination process is facilitated by the Financial Executives International (FEI) Las Vegas Chapter.

Winners of the CFO of the Year are determined by an independent Selection Committee.

Winners of the Financial Executive of the Year categories are determined by a Selection Committee comprised of the FEI Las Vegas Chapter Board of Directors.

The 2019 Awards are presented to individuals who have made a major impact within their company, have achieved success in the company’s growth and profitability, and have shown exemplary leadership skills throughout their career. Eligible nominees are financial executives who serve companies of qualifying size and hold a qualifying title for a publicly or privately listed entity headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada for at least the past twelve months.

Consideration for the 2019 Awards is through peer nominations, as both members and non-members of FEI are eligible for nomination. All nominees will be judged in the same eight categories, whether the company is publicly or privately listed: professional experience, leadership, team development, entity profile, planning and budgeting, control and reporting, social responsibility and innovation.

Award Criteria

Please submit a narrative, no longer than three pages in length addressing:

Professional Experience
Describe the main responsibilities associated with the nominee’s position.

Submit a summary that provides specific examples of initiatives and situations where the nominee used their judgment and insight to shape the strategic direction of the organization, finance team or a project. Examples may include how the nominee guided the organization during a financial crisis, turbulence situation and how they achieved new levels of growth.

Team Development
Include a description of personal contributions to the careers of their peers and other team professionals bringing success to the organization. Examples may include how they supported their team members’ careers and skill development, development of training programs, cross-discipline learning experiences or ability to empower and inspire team members.

Entity Profile
Provide a summary outlining the nominee’s role within the organization, including product description, services or strategic goals and details on their specific job function and impact within the organization, as well as any activities he/she led or played a substantial role in. The summary may also highlight any significant interactions with other stakeholders that may have resulted in investments or financing to the organization.

Planning and Budgeting
If applicable, provide a summary on the nominee’s forecasting the relevant changing circumstances of the business/industry in the mid/long run in order to achieve the company’s or project’s defined goals.

Control and Reporting
If applicable, identify the role the nominee played in financial reporting while staying within the ethical standards and using best practices. Example of how the nominee followed all current standards, rules and regulations qualifying himself/herself to be relevant and reliable may also be included.

Social Responsibility
Include a description of how the nominee applies their influence, skill and creativity to positively contribute to business and personal activities within their community.

If applicable, describe how the nominee transformed/shaped the successful financial performance of an organization by contributing to the strategic direction. Please also highlight their specific role in the organization approach to its employees, customers and overall financial processes.

Award Categories

CFO of the Year – Three finalists will be selected, one of which will be awarded the title CFO of the Year.

Financial Executive of the Year – One winner in each of the categories below will be selected. Nominees for these categories must have a qualifying title as described in the Eligibility Requirements:

  • Gaming and Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Real Estate and Construction
  • Services

Eligibility Requirements

  • For the four Financial Executive of the Year Categories, nominees must have a qualifying title similar to the following:
    CFO • CAO • Controller • Treasurer • VP, Finance • VP, Taxes
    VP, Planning and Analysis • VP, Pension Fund Investment
    VP, Pension Fund Investment • VP, Risk Management
    Director, Finance, Taxes, Treasury or Accounting • Audit Committee Member *
  • U.S. Citizen or permanent resident of the U.S.;
  • In their current role for at least 12 months;
  • Nominations must be validated and endorsed by nominee’s Chairman, CEO,
    President or CFO;
  • Qualifying company size of one of the following:
    • $2 million in net worth;
    • $6 million in capital;
    • $10 million or more in annual revenues
    • $8 million in operating expenses
    • $200 million in total assets (Financial Institutions)
    • $40 million total assets (Government corporations/authorities)

The Selection Committee reserves the right to select candidates depending on the applicants and circumstances. The Selection Committee may give special and separate recognition from time to time to an applicant or applicants who demonstrate an outstanding level of achievement in one or more of the eight area of the Award’s Criteria. Three individuals will be recognized as finalists for the CFO of the Year Award and one individual will receive the official award of CFO of the Year during the award banquet. Winners in each of the four categories of Financial Executive of the Year will be announced in advance and recognized for their achievements at the 2019 award banquet.

*Excludes professionals currently employed by audit firms, consulting firms and service providers

Nomination Package Requirements

The nomination package should include:

  • First and last name
  • Title
  • Company/Organization
  • Dates of employment
  • Business address
  • Business phone number
  • Mobile phone number
  • Email address
  • Chairman, CEO, President or CFO’s name and contact Information
  • Name and contact information of individual making nomination

All nomination packages must include a narrative addressing the eight areas as listed in the Award Criteria section of this document and a one page biography or resume.


Nominee information will only be used for determination of the award. The award recipient may be asked to participate in a profile article to appear in various media outlets and subsequent interviews. Once the award recipients have been determined, the Las Vegas Chapter of FEI will liaise with the winner’s company or organization to facilitate the promotion of the winner. By submitting a nomination, you are consenting to have the aforementioned nominee considered for one of the five available award categories.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there any fee to nominate a candidate?
    There is no entry fee to participate.
  • Does a candidate for the CFO of the Year Award have to hold the title of CFO?
    CFOs and heads of finance are eligible to win.
  • Does a nominee have to work for a public company to be eligible for nomination?
    No, nominees may work for a public, private or government organization.
  • Is there a minimum term of service required in the nominee’s current role?
    Yes, nominees must be in their current role at least 12 months.
  • How do I nominate an individual for an award?
    To nominate someone you should a) review the eligibility requirements; b) complete the nomination form; and c) submit a completed nomination package. You can provide all of these items to
  • What is the deadline for all nominations?
    Nominations for 2019 Honorees are due by June 30th
  • Who will be judging the entries?
    An independent selection committee comprised of distinguished individuals will only review the three finalists and select one to be awarded the title  CFO of the Year.
  • How will I know if my nomination has been received and processed?
    Upon receipt of a completed nomination, the nominator will receive confirmation of receipt. Included in this communication will be a timeline outlining the selection process and dates at which nominators will be contacted about the status of their nomination. Should a nomination be made by a group of individuals, please indicate a lead point of contact in the nomination package.
  • How will the Award recipient be notified?
    The three finalists for the CFO of the Year and individuals in each of the four categories for Financial Executive of the Year will be notified of their status by phone. The nominator will also be notified of the nominee’s status at this time. FEI asks that this information be held in confidence until the designated official announcement.
  • Can individuals be nominated for multiple categories?
    Yes, so as long as their respective company/organization qualifies. For example, some companies may qualify as Gaming and Manufacturing, or Manufacturing and Service.
  • What are examples of organizations that would qualify for the Service category?
    Such industries include, but are not limited to, banks and financial institutions, software, consulting, non-profit organizations and governmental agencies.
  • What will the Award recipient receive?
    Each category winner will be presented with an award recognizing their accomplishments.
  • Can in-process initiatives be submitted?
  • What will be done with all of the information submitted?
    The information submitted as part of the process will be collected by the Las Vegas Chapter of FEI Board of Directors and kept in the strictest of confidence.
  • Where can I get more information about the Award?
    Please direct any questions related to this process to the FEI Event Chairman:

    Gary A. Vecchiarelli